Titan Group, JSC "Arkhangelsk PPM" and CJSC “Sawmill-25” have drawn conclusions on the scale children’s contest “Forest in your life”. Out of practically a thousand works received by the organizers, 35 works were acknowledged the best.

Let us remind that young artists from all the districts of Arkhangelsk region aged from 3 to 17 were invited to participate. The kids were supposed to send pictures in any genre and style on the topics: forest fire protection, anti-fire propaganda, forest fire-prevention propaganda, forest fire extinguishing, forest conservation and growth, environmental safety, beauty of Russian forests.

Based on results of a three-hour meeting of the organizing committee there were winners in three age categories in each of seven nominations selected; in addition it was decided to distinguish 14 artists more.

As Evgenia Moskalyuk, the main ecologist of JSC "Arkhangelsk PPM", indicated, the jury members had a hard time: “Kids surprised strongly! First of all with the quantity of works. Despite the fact that the plant conducts many contests, I have not seen so many participants before! I am pleased that young citizens of Novodvinsk actively participated and of course the children from other towns and districts of Arkhangelsk region. Also the kids surprised with the quality of their works, we have noted a high artistic level of participants!”

The pictures were evaluated to several criteria among which there were: correspondence to the contest theme, completeness of the theme disclosure, informativeness, degree of emotional impact on the audience. A special attention was paid to originality of ideas.

“When selecting winners we wanted to avoid clichés and commonplace motives, we accentuated on creativeness and uniqueness of works. The contest also had an applicative sense. On the basis of the best pictures we will make posters and signs, which we will install in the lands of the forest fund within Arkhangelsk region boundaries. The idea is to remind the adults through the children’s pictures that it is prohibited to litter in the forest, to play with fire, that it is necessary to protect the forest, rehabilitate it after cutting, to care about the forest!” – Sergey Shevelev, the chairman of the jury commission, the forestry director for Titan Group, indicated.

The names of the winners can be found through the link: https://vk.com/pkptitan?w=wall-150441450_3329

Now the contest organizers are defining the format and the date of the prize ceremony.

Winners’ names

Category 3-6 years:

Alena Guseva, 5 years, Arkhangelsk, MBDOU #39 “Solnyshko”; Stephania Burdo, 5 years, s.Octiabrskiy, Ustiany district; Marina Lisina, 6 years, Arkhangelsk; Karina Kuzmina, 6 years, s.Shalakusha, Nyandoma district; Elvira Samokhvalova, 6 years, s.Shalakusha, Nyandoma district; Maxim Khozyainov, 6 years, s.Shalakusha, Nyandoma district; Veronika Kuznetsova, 6 years, Solvychegodsk, Kotlass district.

Category 7-11 years:

Lilia Filimonova, 7 years, Arkhangelsk, School #36; Alisa Shestakova, 7 years, Novodvinsk, Art studio “Palitra”; Sofia Ustinova, 7 years, Novodvinsk; Anastasia Neganova, 7 years, Arkhangelsk, MBDOU #9 “Solnyshko”; Anstasia Gurieva, 8 years, Novodvinsk; Lidiya Podgornikh, 9 years, Karpogory, Pinega district; Anna Sheveleva, 10 years, Arkhangelsk, MUK MKTS “Luch”.

Category 12-17 years:

Daria Maksimova, 12 years, Arkhangelsk, MUK MKTS “Luch”; Sofia Galimova, 12 years, Karpogory, Pinega district; Ekaterina Polushina, 12 years, s.Ilinsko-Podomskoe, Vilegoskiy district; Evelina Mezentseva, 14 years, s.Krasnoborsk; Alena Nikiforova, 14 years, s.Chasovnya, Kholmogory district; Polina Kovaleva, 14 years, Arkhangelsk MAU DO “Center “Arkhangel”; Arina Barbolina, 15 years, Arkhangelsk, MUK "ITSKTS" (Tsiglomen).

It was decided to additionally award:

From JSC "Arkhangelsk PPM":

Saveliy Zuev, 4 years, Arkhangelsk; Valeriy Startsev, 6 years, Arkhangelsk; Ruslan Kurbanov, 8 years, Novodvinsk; Anna Gavrilova, 8 years, Novodvinsk; Diana Kolesova, 9 years, Novodvinsk; Daria Viktorova, 9 years Novodvinsk; Ekaterina Odintsova, 15 years, Konosha district, s.Klimovskaya.

From Titan Group:

Alexandr Nikolaev, 3 years, s.Severoonezhsk, Plesetsk district; Xenia Shulgina, 4 years, s.Krasnoborsk, Kindergarten “Skazka”; Roman Stafeev, 5 years, Arkhangelsk, Kindergarten #132; Valeria Filik, 6 years, s.Lukovetskiy, Kholmogory district; Ekaterina Vydrina, 6 years, Arkhangelsk; Kristina Tatarskaya, 6 years, Verkhnyaya Toima district; Varvara Zueva, 7 years, Arkhangelsk.

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