On December 10, 2020, the non-commercial organization FSC Russia launched the platform “Forest Volunteers” uniting volunteer projects. Here you can meet people and organizations interested in forest conservation: those needing help and those ready to help.

FSC Russia launched the platform “Forest Volunteers” with Titan* Group’s support.

The program will collect in one place volunteer programs on reforestation and forest treatment in various regions of Russia. “Forest Volunteers” will help representatives of EPNA, volunteer unions, forestry companies, which care about reforestation, to gather a team of like-minded people ready to help. In addition, the program will help volunteers to find projects that can be fully trusted.  

How the platform works:

1. We collect volunteering offers from the forestry companies, state and private organizations, which have to do with the forest, resorts, national parks and eco-activists. Then we place the offers on our website and in social networks.

2. A volunteer selects a program and directly contacts its organizer.

3. Organizers of a volunteer action supervise volunteers’ actions all the way from the questionnaire till the end of work.

4. After completion of an action the volunteers and organizers can leave feedback about each other on our website.

In order to place their volunteer program the action organizers need to fill out a questionnaire: https://forms.gle/dfgW79mHY3oCjk4KA.

“FSC allows everyone to care about the forest in a habitual rhythm of life, simply choosing the goods marked as “responsible forest management” on the shop shelves. However, if you want to do more for the forest and help the nature with your own hands — join the platform “Forest Volunteers”! FSC Russia encourage everyone caring about the fate of our country forests to join the volunteer movement, and the forestry company to support actively such projects. —Director of FSC Russia Nikolay Shmatko says. — Since the forest is not only the pure water, air, a place of recreation and a source of inspiration. This is also a place of work, additional income, a source of food and firewood for millions of villagers. The forest lies in the foundation of self-identification and cultural traditions of hundreds of large and small peoples. The forest is a renewable (if correctly used) source of timber, beautiful, ecological and easy-to-process secondary raw materials, and the rational forest management is a chance to contain negative global climatic changes”.

The platform site of FSC Russia “Forest Volunteers”: https://foresthelp.ru/

*FSC License Code: FSC-C016977

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