Titan Group has established its own road inspection. Oleg Bunin and Nikolay Pravdin became the new staff. They had spent 25 years working for the regional state road police and have vast experience.

Now the specialists ensure safe road traffic for the vehicles of Titan holding logging companies. They instruct and train the drivers.

“We remind the driving rules for the heavy load transport, requirements for timber shipping, job instructions, etc. The task is to minimize accidents on the region roads, save life and health of our employees and other traffic participants”, - Oleg Bunin indicated – Senior specialist of the technical department for LLC “PKP Titan”.

In addition, TG road inspectors check technical condition of the transport, availability of supporting documents, condition of forest roads and even their provision with traffic engineering means. In case of violations directives are made to eliminate those as soon as possible. Therefore, a special vehicle had been purchased which is properly equipped (radio, flashlights, navigator, photo camera, chest appliances for video surveillance “DOZOR”, etc.).

The technical department employees have been trained and have received diplomas “Specialist in safe road traffic”, “Controller for vehicles technical condition”. Currently they improve their qualification specializing as “Consultant on hazardous loads shipping”.

TG service for provision of safe road traffic has been working for two months and there is some effect already! Compared to the last year the quantity of violations detected by State Road Police on the region roads has dropped by 26%.

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