The holding has provided the activists of Arkhangelsk regional division of All-Russia social organization with new uniform: windbreakers, jackets, vests, sweatshirts, bomber jackets – altogether more than 80 items of clothes. Everything is in traditional colors of the movement and with the official logotype «Volunteers-medics».

- Every day you appear on the frontline of struggle with diseases and social injustice and you do it with all your heart, - Chief of HR department for LLC PKP “Titan” Anna Trofimova addressed the movement participants. – You help medical workers, pensioners, large families and disabled people. And of course you “are not judged by your cover!” But we want you while doing good to feel comfortable, at ease, warm and convenient! We want you to be seen from far away, and you in your red jackets, like beacons, give hope and faith in the best to the people!

The volunteers were presented with new uniform today. Also a deputy of the regional Assembly Sergey Emmanuilov has come to congratulate the guys with this event and thank them for their work. The chairman of the committee for health and social issues has become a link between the volunteers and Titan holding.

- Surely the volunteers have got their uniform, - Sergey Emmanuilov indicated. – But it is very limited in quantity and this has become a problem and a rather big one. We addressed Titan Group and were heard. The holding did everything fast and with good quality; we even did not expect the uniform would be so multidisciplinary and diverse!

- Stylish, beautiful, in compliance with the brand guidelines of All-Russia movement! – The chief of Department for non-academic and social work at SGMU Elena Kornienko added. – We are very grateful! Students are the people unspoiled with clothes, therefore any jacket, any vest is very important for us.

Today «Volunteers-medics» is one of the largest volunteering organizations in the health field in Europe. In Arkhangelsk region the movement counts over 200 people. The backbone is students from SGMU (Northern State Medical University).

- The number of volunteers grows every year, - the deputy regional coordinator of the movement «Volunteers-medics» Alexei Kapustin explained. – And now our business will pick up in general! Now every our event outside and inside will pass in comfort and convenience. Also we will be spotted from far away!

Annually about 4 million Russians receive help and support from the volunteers-medics. During the pandemics the volunteers help those who cannot leave home delivering food, medicines and necessities. They carry out educational activity, help nurses and doctors.

They are convinced in Titan Group that the boomerang of good exists! Therefore the holding supports volunteer projects and tries to show activists that they are not alone!

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