Yuri Balandin has become General Director of LLC Karpogoryles (Pinega district, a member of Titan Group).

The previous General Director Evgeniy Leonidovich Nifantiev resigned to enjoy his well-deserved rest.

Commenting the new appointment General Director of Titan Group Alexey Kudryavtsev indicated that the shareholders and the management of the company highly value Evgeniy Nifantiev’s input to development of the enterprise and expressed his confidence that his successor Yuri Balandin will continue all the projects on further perspective growth of LLC Karpogoryles.

The company was established in 2002 (presently it employs 320 people).

Repeatedly LLC Karpogoryles was the winner of the regional competitions for the best enterprise in the region forest complex in the nomination “The best logging company”.

Based on the outcomes of 2018 the logging volume of LLC Karpogoryles has reached 600 thousand m3.

Annually the company invests into construction and maintenance of roads, bridges, provision of regional population, sponsorship to creative teams, veterans etc. over 25 million rubles.

Yuri Vladimirovich Balandin was born in 1964 in the village Vaimusha, Pinega district, Arkhangelsk region.

He graduated from Arkhangelsk Forest Engineering College in 1986 with the specialty “Technology Technician”. In 2008, he got higher education at GOU Arkhangelsk State Technical University to the specialty “Forest Engineering Business”.

Before and after the army service Yuri had worked for Vaimusha logging company as a mechanic and a driver. After the college training he was accepted as a master to Association “Karpogoryles”.

Since 1991 Yuri began his work career at Karpogory logging company having covered his career path from the technical head of a forest point to the deputy chief engineer for production.

Since 2010 he has been occupying the position of the chief engineer for LLC Karpogoryles.

Yuri is married and has three children.

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