Mission and strategy

OUR MISSION – by uniting the efforts of professionals, realizing the potential of each employee and effectively managing the business, we improve the welfare of the people, the company as well as the entire region.

Titan: working to benefit the citizens of the North-Western region.

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Our Strategy

From the day of the company’s founding, its activities were centered on the work and its results. In order to do this, the company used local as well as foreign experience and the latest technology in the sphere of production, management and delivery of services. The Titan group of companies is a member of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (employers).

The Holdings’ companies have very clear aims, the main of which are:

  • fully supply partners with high quality timber
  • increase the productivity of the production sites, by using the most modern logging and wood processing technologies
  • improve environmental safety of production,
  • improve the environmental safety of the production sites
  • achieve non-waste production, effectively cooperate with the government and environmental authorities in order to conserve the forests

However, we understand that is not enough to simply gather professionals together, and set aims and tasks for them. Optimal results can be achieved only by uniting the professionals into a close-knit team with shared values.


We are all different; each one of us has our own interests, opinions, preferences, life experience and attitudes. But we are all united by a single aim, common corporate values and business principles. We are LIKE-MINDED and that makes us a TEAM!


We know that the ability to demonstrate initiative, engage the team in your idea and bring it to life as a team is the best kind of motivation. We trust our employees and provide each one with this kind of opportunity. But, trust also implies responsibility, responsibility for ones actions and decisions.

Demonstrating initiative and acting responsibly is the key to everyone’s success!


We believe that nobody is born a professional, professionals are made. To be a professional is to constantly be learning and growing, using your experience and knowledge to better the common cause. To be a professional is to transfer your experience and knowledge to younger colleagues, as someone had once done for you.


The road to achieving the goal is not always easy, and there is more than one way to come to the same result. The most important thing is to respect your colleagues, be respectful and constructive in debates and discussions, and to be open to other peoples’ ideas. Respect your partners, clients, and contractors, because they are the ones giving us their resources, expertise and motivation that is needed for further growth, they help us achieve our goals and fulfill our tasks. Respect and cooperation make up the path to common success.

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