Social projects

We believe that business needs to be responsible, and that by working for the wellbeing of all of the holding’s companies, we also work for the wellbeing of all of the residents of the North. A strong company is a source of stability and confidence in the future for both the employees of the company as well as the residents of the region. We support sports and culture, invest in the advancement of children, care about the elderly and veterans, work together with municipal governing entities, develop local infrastructure, and invest in the advancement of our employees.

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In the territories of the holding's presence, we organize and support sports and cultural events, professional skill contests among employees of enterprises of the timber industry, provide assistance to children from orphanages, and support charitable foundations.

Since 1998 mentoring assistance has been provided to the orphanage in the Bobrovo village of the Primorsky district, where, due to the reorganization of the institution, the children were transferred to the care of the “Rembuevskyi” orphanage, located in the Kholmogorsk district.

We organize holiday celebrations for children, excursions, trips by doing pupils to achieve personal growth, instilling in them by example the desire to help those, who are in need of help.

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