Purchasing is one of the most important sectors of GC “Titan’s” work. It ensures that the holding has everything it needs to carry out its work, and also ensures that our partners receive high quality, certified timber.

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One of the most important areas of purchasing for GC “Titan” is the purchasing of logging equipment. Over the past three years we updated more than 60% of the fleet’s logging equipment, and ensured that the logging companies have the most modern equipment for effective forest management, including modern logging systems comprising of a harvester and a forwarder. Titan group’s equipment includes such trusted brands as Volvo, Komatsu, John Deere, Mercedes Benz, Scania and others.

Wood trade

Another important sector of GC Titan’s work, which is aimed at the development of long term relationships with reputable operators and large trading companies in order to ensure uninterrupted supply of timber for pulp and paper, as well as sawmill productions.


In addition, diesel fuel, gasoline, oil, metal, auto parts for Russian-made and imported equipment, marine parts, tires, building materials and other equipment are being purchased on an ongoing basis. The purchasing process takes place on the basis of tenders. We are open to cooperation with reliable and responsible suppliers, and are ready to develop mutually beneficial relationships.

We are open to cooperation with reliable and responsible suppliers, and are ready to develop mutually beneficial relationships.

Yuriy Aleksandrovich Pushkin

Commercial Director

Tel.: +7(8182) 24-35-12

E-mail: pushkin@titans.su

Dmitriy Igorevich Trukhanov

Deputy Head of the department                  

Tel.: +7(8182) 42-02-18

E-mail: truhanov@titans.su

Tires, special tires, spare parts for imported trailers and semi-trailers, spare parts for passenger cars, car batteries, etc.

Evgeniya Alexandrovna Konovalova

Senior manager

Tel.: +7(8182) 46-24-82

E-mail: konovalova@titans.su

Electrical equipment, cable and wiring products, lighting products, parts and materials for testing and measuring instruments and automation, chains for industrial use, metalworking equipment and the parts for it, woodworking equipment and the parts for it, gearboxes, equipment, parts and materials for process control systems.

Boris Leonidovich Zamyatkin

Senior manager

Tel.: +7(8182) 42-02-19 ext. 319

E-mail: zamyatkin@titans.su

Bearings, belts, plumbing equipment and spare parts for it, PVC pipes and metal plastics, building materials

Ekaterina Nikolaevna Rachkova


Tel.: +7(8182) 46-24-82

E-mail: rachkova@titans.su

Rolled metal products, metal products according to drawings, slings, ropes, tools, construction equipment and spare parts for it.

Dmitriy Vladimirovich Nikitenko


Tel.: +7(8182) 46-24-82

E-mail: nikitenko@titans.su

Rubber products, devices-equipment of civil defense and emergency situations, equipment, spare parts of instrumentation and control systems, hydraulic and pneumatic equipment, household appliances, office equipment, air conditioners.

Anna Rustamovna Barabanova


Tel.: +7(8182) 46-24-82

E-mail: barabanova@titans.su

Workwear and personal protective equipment, stationery, household chemicals, household appliances, trade and technological equipment, printing products, metrological equipment, etc.

Viktor Nikolaevich Savin


Tel.: +7(8182) 42-02-18

E-mail: savin@titans.su

Spare parts for imported machinery, Mercedes, Scania, Volvo Truck, attachments for special equipment, high-pressure hoses and accessories, etc.

Olga Alexeevna Chuprova


Tel.: (8182) 46-24-82

E-mail: chuprova@titans.su

Hardware products (including based on drawings) , spare parts and instrumentation materials, rubber and technical products, equipment, industrial and technical chemicals, including Loctite, Wurth, Axiom products, furniture (including metal), plastics, polyethylene, PVC, plexiglass, mobile sinks, vacuum cleaners and washing machines etc.

Anna Nikolaevna Elovskaya


Tel.: (8182) 42-02-18

E-mail: elovskaya@titans.su

Spare parts for imported machinery from Volvo Construction, John Deere,Komatsu, LogSet, Sennebogen, Kalmar, etc.

Andrei Lvovich Aristov

Head of the logistics and fuel department

Tel.: (8182) 24-35-10

E-mail: aristov@titans.su

Ekaterina Sergeevna Kubyshkina


Tel.: (8182) 24-35-10

E-mail: kubyshkina@titans.su

All types of fuel, oil solvent, oil and grease, gas and gas mixtures, oxygen and propane tanks, gas tanks and cylinders, hydrozincite, cooling liquids, brake fluids, electrolytes, antifreeze, etc.

For all questions regarding cooperation you can contact the Head of the Supply Department

Dmitriy Igorevich Trukhanov

Tel.: +7(8182) 42-02-18

E-mail: truhanov@titans.su

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